Is Fashion to Figure Still Viable?

fashion to figure

Fashion To Figure is a retailer specializing in plus-size clothing and accessories. However, the company is facing bankruptcy. In November 2017, its parent company filed for bankruptcy. This has prompted investors to ask whether it is viable for the company to continue operating. The answer is likely yes, but it’s hard to say whether the company will make it back.

Michael Kaplan’s fashion to figure company

Michael Kaplan co-founded the Fashion to Figure company with his brother Nick in 2004. They saw a gap in the fashion market and decided to create a fast-fashion brand for women with curves. With Michael Kaplan’s background in venture capital, they expanded their business to seven stores in New York City and now have an online store as well. The company sources its inventory from over 100 vendors, which allows them to react quickly to fashion trends. It also gives its customers a wider selection, allowing them to shop at their own pace.

Although Fashion To Figure is not vertically integrated, it still has a large and loyal following among plus-size consumers. Unlike other plus-size retailers, the brand sources its inventory from more than 100 vendors. Kaplan claims that this allows his company to be more responsive to fashion trends and have more variety. The company relies on stylists to help consumers select clothes. The company opened its first store in the Cross County Shopping Center in 2010, and initially co-branded with Wet Seal and P.S. Eventually, the store was sold to Ulta Beauty and Sprint.

Michael Kaplan is the co-founder and CEO of Fashion To Figure, a leading plus-size fashion company. Its mission is to provide high-quality, trendy, affordable plus-size clothing for women in sizes 12 to 26. Michael Kaplan’s fashion to figure company is committed to helping women feel comfortable and confident with their bodies.

After launching his fashion to figure company, Michael Kaplan is now an entrepreneur-in-residence at XRC Labs, a consumer and retail innovation incubator. Michael Kaplan’s ancestry goes back to the Lane Bryant brand, which was founded in the 1890s by his great grandmother. The company is now owned by Sycamore Partners.

The company was founded with passion and is committed to bringing fashion to the figure. Its competitors include Ashley Stewart and Aeropostale. According to, Fashion To Figure ranks 5th in Overall Culture Score compared to its competitors. However, it does not have a perfect record in all categories, including CEO Rankings, Product and Services, Customer Services, and Pricing.

Michael Kaplan’s plus-size specialty retailer

Michael Kaplan, CEO of Fashion to Figure, has a simple philosophy: to provide women with quality plus-size clothing at affordable prices. Kaplan took the idea he got from his great-grandmother Lane Bryant, and adapted it to the modern world. In doing so, he has created a successful specialty retailer that focuses on fitting, price and quality.

In the early 1950s, Michael Kaplan’s great-grandparents brought the concept of plus-size clothing to the market. At the time, pregnant women were buying fashionable, slenderizing clothing to hide their growing belly. This was a new way for women to feel confident and independent. The company struggled for years as the New York Herald Tribune was reluctant to publish an ad, despite the fact that there were several maternity-friendly clothing stores in the city.

Kaplan founded the plus-size specialty retailer in 2004, and it has since expanded to 25 locations. He and his brother Nick saw a need for a fast-fashion plus-size fashion brand, and decided to create their own store to meet that need. With their background in venture capital, the brothers started the company by opening seven stores in New York City. They also built a web-based store to sell their clothing. In the meantime, the Yonkers store will open on Saturday.

New York & Company’s acquisition of certain assets of fashion to figure

Following Fashion to Figure’s recent filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, New York & Company has agreed to acquire certain assets. This acquisition includes the fashion retailer’s intellectual property, its customer database, and all of its in-store assets. The company plans to retain the brand DNA and re-launch the company in early 2018.

The acquisition will consist of the intellectual property and in-store assets of Fashion to Figure, which filed for Chapter 11 protection on November 13. The agreement covers the intellectual property rights and the company’s customer database, as well as certain in-store assets, including the Fashion to Figure name and logo.

The sale will allow New York & Company to capitalize on the growth of the plus-size fashion market. According to NPD Group, the plus-size apparel market was valued at approximately US $ 21 billion in 2016. And it is expected to grow even larger in the future. In addition, the deal will allow New York & Company to hire former Fashion to Figure employees.

New York & Company expects to fully fund the acquisition with its cash reserves. It currently has approximately $69.2 million in cash and no borrowings under its asset-based credit facility. In addition, it plans to re-introduce the brand to the market in early February 2018. The company expects to capture Fashion to Figure’s previous profitable sales.